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My First Sewing Blog!

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

I have really enjoyed getting the sewing lessons off the ground, albeit a few months later than planned! As I progress I hope to be able to change and adapt to the needs of my clients.

This is about you

My aim in teaching sewing lessons is to help people to be more self-sufficient, and with something as necessary as clothing, it should be simple to make and mend our wardrobes. Sewing is creative, rewarding, good for the soul and good for the environment. Every person is unique and everything you create yourself will be one of a kind, how exciting is that?!

More than sewing

The Top Notch Sewing Centre has been born out of passion as well as necessity. Fabric shops have been on the decrease for years, even though shopping for fabric is such a visual and tactile thing! Sewing is also not just about crafting but my love is clothing and fashion. I wanted to create a place where people can be creative, be social, and also be able to buy fabrics and notions which are sustainable and ethically sourced. I aim one day to have a shop with fabrics to the roof and a sewing studio too, as well as partnering with people or companies who produce fabrics in a unique and ethical way whether locally or abroad.

Good for others too

At Top Notch Sewing Centre my heart is for others. I have worked in the fashion industry for twenty one years and feel it is time to re-group and give something to the local community too. I don't want to take for granted that sewing is such an essential skill however it is dying out in our current age. My aim is to support charities and small business as much as possible and in some way improve the mental health of adults and children by helping them to be creative, and when it is possible, to have social groups too, to get the spirit back into our community.

Thanks for reading..x

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