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Updated: Dec 6, 2020

A lot has been happening of late with halloween, the start of a second national lockdown, bonfire night and Remembrance Day, Phew! Being a mum usually means that much of your time is taken up with the kids, or for the kids. I am often called to be innovative with cutting hair, repairing jewellery, making dinner, making fancy dress costumes, etc. I guess the word "craft" can encompass many different hand made things (...and Keith Lemon pops to mind!)

Dark days:

Clocks went back and Autumn is upon us. It is so beautiful watching the change of the seasons with the rich Autumnal colours coming through. Both of my children also enjoy the change of the seasons, looking forward to upcoming festivities. Over the school half term the Harry Potter films were played on repeat, so when we (by that I mean "I") carved our halloween pumpkins, they were of course Harry Potter themed. I could have done a better job with Hermione, but pumpkin carving is not exactly my area of expertise! Spicy pumpkin soup followed though, which was delicious! No trick or treating this year but lots of candy none the less and home-made caramel apples, oh...and millionaires shortbread! Sugar detox followed shortly afterwards....

Stay Home, Save Lives:

Even with a second lockdown, the children are back at school which is good for them and for me. It keeps them busy (as well as educated!!) and gives me more time to work. Although I have had to cancel in-person sewing lessons during this time, I am trying to set up virtual lessons. A friend has kindly offered to be my guinea pig to test out virtual lessons! One of the major incentives for me launching the Top Notch Sewing Centre was for people to have an outlet to buy quality dressmaking fashion fabrics. Until the business is further down the line though, this will have to wait, and I will continue to try my best to instruct on what fabrics are suitable for which style when buying fabrics online.

Lest we Forget:

Early November marks bonfire night, which seemed to last at least five days either side of the event (scowls all round on pet-owners faces!) as well as All Souls Day and Remembrance Day. As creativity is such a great outlet for restoring mental health and encouraging active thinking and motor skills, the schools often encourage children to create things for commemorative events. I have also been requested to make a few poppies. If ever asked to do something creative, my first port of call is my sewing machine! That's my default! However I pulled out some felt, chopped out a few shapes and crafted a hand stitched poppy, no machine involved. They turned out quite cute.

On we Plough:

Even as we bemoan another time of seclusion, I believe we have all adjusted in some way or another. I am aware that many, however, are really struggling. I for one need to be more aware of friends, neighbours, my family as well as learning to ask for support when I need it; and I often need it. One thing we do have is hope, and I hope for the day when I can not only teach lessons in person again, but hold the sewing socials which were scheduled for April! I am not so convinced that Zoom is quite the same as sharing a cuppa with a group of like-minded people looking for that time in the day to just...exhale...

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